Sydney  Inspired Collage

sancerre etc 1.jpeg

Georgia’s Kourabiedes Recipe


While in Sydney, I was lucky to be living next door to a Greek family. Georgia was kind enough to show me how to make these very festive Greek Cookies, made for Christmas and Easter.

It’s worth the effort and it makes a lot, so think about freezing half the mix.


2 egg yolks, 500gs of unsalted butter, very soft,1/2 cup of slivered almonds, toasted.1/2 cup of good olive oil,1/2 cup of Ouzo, I used Pernod.Juice of 1 lemon.500gs of plain flour. 1 heaped teaspoon of baking powder, whisk or sift this through the flour.1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar, 1 cup of self raising flour, sift this through plain flour and baking powder.3/4 cup of icing sugar.Plus icing sugar for coating.

Whisk yolks,icing sugar, butter and olive oil till light and fluffy, 5/7 minutes.. Add ouzo, vanilla sugar and lemon juice. Whisk together.Put mix into a very large bowl and add dry mixture including the almonds, bit by bit until dough comes together.Form into crescent shapes Bake for 15 mins at 190° on baking sheets lined with parchment paper.Sift icing sugar onto work surface heavily covering the surface. When biscuits are cooked place the hot biscuits carefully onto the icing sugar sifting more sugar on top. The heat of the biscuits will make the sugar adhere.They should be completely covered..

A great cafe in the innerwest of Sydney that I discovered.



They are a small family owned cafe that runs on a sustainable food policy, using locally sourced products from growers and producers. They have a pickelry where they produce picles and run workshops with producers like cheesemakers.


cornersmith 1.jpeg

Another great food experience is at Ester.

This was the set menu for Sunday lunch that I had at the Bar.


So that was some of the things I did on My trip to Sydney in February.

I also did this !!!!!!


4 thoughts on “sydney

  1. Love the collage. I do a Swiss version of the kourabedes for Christmas (no ouzo or Pernod) though. Oh the Swiss! Love Su

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  2. Thanks Susie – particularly for the Greek biscuit Recipe What could you use if you’ve run out of ouzo?
    Enjoyed your post

  3. Sue, I remember you making the kourabiedes in Island House – yum! I made them myself back then having got the recipe from you. Now I’ve read the recipe again I just might have another go at making them – for old time’s sake. Thanks.

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