Braga in January


Braga is one of the oldest cities in the country as well as being the youngest due to its universities.It is in the historical and cultural Minho Province in the Northwest of the country.

We were only in Braga for one night, as we are going back with friends in October.It is a lovely town, full of old cafes and traditions still thriving.It was a sunny but very cold Saturday . Lots of people out on the streets enjoying the sunshine, shops and cafes.We had lunch on a lovely square at a cantine, they called it, which is famous for its meat pies. Called Friideiras. Everyone was having one, so we did too. Tasty on a cold day.Like most traditional Portuguese cooking simple and fresh, but not terribly refined.braga-restaurantThese are a few pictures taken on  a sunny Saturday afternoon in Braga in January.

A lovely old cafe, with beautiful interior. Old style Art Nouveau furniture and very busy. People having cakes, coffee, wine and beer. We went back later that evening to have a drink with friends. Great Ambience.

Below that interior shot of a corridor with tiles, ever present in Portugal.In a square the remants of Christmas trees made with found objects recycled fabrics even old corks.



The Cathedral in Braga ,Sé de Braga, is the oldest in the country, built in the 12th century.



Sunday morning bird market.

50 stalls with pigeons, canaries, farm birds and feed and cages for sale.

img_5280So many buildings in Portugal waiting for renovation. But even in their dilapidated state they are still worth a picture.

I have decided to try out the Mocovitas, biscuits from Oviedo. So next post, the recipe!!!!


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