Rome ancient and modern.



January in Rome, a good time to visit. Cheap flights, hotels offering special rates.

Cool temperatures make walking pleasant and there are fewer visitors, unless you go to the Vatican Musuem.

Large groups, lots of “Selfies” with selfie sticks.

But go to the Palazzo Massimo, the National Museum of Ancient Art, early in the morning and it’s calm, quiet and a wonderful taste of ancient Rome.

Just a few pictures of our trip, what we saw and ate.

We found a good Roman restaurant in the Monte area. Simple Classic interior with simple classic food. What intrigued us was there was no menu posted outside. They never do they told us. We had to go in.

Here’s what we ate.

Pollo al Mattone. An Italian method of cooking chicken under a brick. I made it at home and used filleted chicken legs. Served with lentils, spinach and a rocket pesto.I used two heavy cast iron pans to flatten the chicken instead of a brick.

We also ate a very simple cake.

Torta di foglia d’alloro et arancia.Bayleaf scented orange cake.

The Italians make far simpler desserts than the French. This cake could be eaten with a glass of sweet wine or a coffee.

A walk around Rome. Plaza Republica, HouseBoat on the Tiber, Surreal view of the colosseum.



And after you have seen the newly renovated Trevi Fountain, you have to see  this.

IMG_3522la dolce vita

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