The Food and Art Post I meant to Publish.

Jakob_Gillig_-_Freshwater_FishWhere do you find food in Art? Still lifes are the most common source.

The great Dutch still lifes of the 16 and 17th centuries are a wonderful insight into what people were eating and drinking long ago.

Also you get to see what tableware,cutlery and glassware was around. Sometimes cooking utensils and other culinary equipment.

As a cook I find it a fascinating view of the history of food.

ratatouille 1 ratatouilleTwo favourite books on food history.

Click here to see some of the still lifes of the Rijksmuseum.

book 3This is the cover of Jane Grigson’s Vegetable Book.

In it you will find recipes and histories of old and new vegetables, from Cardoons to Aubergines..

The cover is from a painting in Arles, called Cuisine Provençale, and the vegetables are: artichokes,leek,onion,carrot,cabbage,swiss chard and cabbage.Today a painting called Cuisine Provençal would probably not have these vegetables at all. Today all the vegetables associated with provençe would be from from the New World. The Americas, and Asia (not really new world) .The painting would be of peppers, tomatoes ,courgettes and aubergines.

ratatouilleRatatouille provençale

bonnard 2Pierre Bonnard a French painter, who love to paint the intimate world around him, often included his breakfast and dinner tables.

bonnard 1

The Impressionists including Manet and Renoir, often had picnics and still lifes in their paintings.

 bonnard 3

More examples of food in painting.


2 thoughts on “The Food and Art Post I meant to Publish.

  1. Love this blog – I’ll bring along a book I worked on years ago on the art and food called ‘The Impressionists Table” by Paula Todd

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