Design Museum Lisbon

Lisbon has so many great musuems. On this trip we discovered 3 new ones, to us anyway.The Musuem of Design was especially interesting. It is in a former colonial bank of great opulence, which you can still see, in the marble and tiled murals and the former bank counters of tropical wood and marble. One of the exhibits is in the bank vaults, where the wealthy kept their jewels and all their loot.





Temporary Exhibition in the design Musuem in Lisbon on Japanese Patchwork called Boro. A Japanese folk fabric art which grew out of a poor rural populations sense of thrift and necessity, and from the Japanese ethic of “mottainai” regret of wastefullness.Old domestic fabrics were recycled to form Kimonos, futon covers and other articles of clothing.As the country became industrialized, the Boro became a symbol of poverty and hard times and so a sense of shame became associated with it.

In the exhibition catalogue they linked influences of Boro, with it’s multi layering to Artists such as Robert Rauschenberg.

robert rauschenburg





Another exhibition at the Museum.Costume design, from films, opera and ballet.

All for free. So cool!

 Robert Rauschenburg photo from catalogue of Bernard Jacobson Gallery

The Museum of Design in Lisbon

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