Menus and Restaurant Bills, Past and Present. Part 1.


SAM_0284SAM_0290Sydney Restaurants


 This is a menu from about 1988, when Tetsuya Wakuda opened his small but perfect restaurant in a suburb of Sydney.He then went on to become a world famous culinary star.

At this point in 1988 there was Tetsuya, his then wife and a kitchen hand working in the kitchen. These days young chefs from everywhere compete to work in his kitchen in his City centre restaurant.


Scan 2Scan 3

This is what Tetsuya’s food looked like in 1988.


Tetsuya restaurant in Sydney, moved from the suburbs to the city and became world famous.


 The best restaurant bill ever, comes from a Sydney restaurant called Kables. Situated in down town business district of Sydney, seen here from the ferry going across the harbour.

Back in the 80’s and early 90’s Kables was a highly acclaimed 3 chef hat restaurant (equivalent to Michelin stars) run by French canadian chef Serge Dansereau.

A favourite haunt of bankers and business people. A friend of mine was a waiter there and he served this table of two, man and woman.

Scan 4

It’s a little unclear as it is an old photocopy, but the bill for two came to over 6000 Australian Dollars. Some very serious wines, (Chateau d’Yqeum at 4500 dollars) that I’m not sure they truly appreciated at the end of the evening.

This is a dish from Kables at the time. Rather pompous and formal.But that was the style of starred restaurants in the 1980’s.




A pop up restaurant in Chippendale in Sydney.It was just one night and was in an architects office that was to be demolished in a months time.Chippendale is a former light industrial area, with breweries and textile factories, the main industries. Today it is inceasingly gentrified with art galleries and restaurants.

Scan 1

Scan 9

Menus these days are written in a very simple and zen style, listing only ingredients rather than describing any details ,sauces or methods of cooking.

Compare the pop up menu with the following Menu from 2000.

 Scan 2

A hand printed Menu from Ester in Chippendale, for their  Food World series in 2014.

Hand printed Linocut by Kate O’Hara.


Scan 2Scan 4Sean’s Panaroma in Bondi Beach.

A very expensive and noisy lunch, plus a weekend surcharge.

A few Sydney pictures to end with.

D:DCIM100DICAMDSCI0842.JPGD:DCIM100DICAMDSCI0849.JPGD:DCIM100DICAMDSCI0846.JPGScan 7Images of food are mostly from old Vogue magazines, menus and bills are from my collection.

7 thoughts on “Menus and Restaurant Bills, Past and Present. Part 1.

  1. Chateau d’Yqeum seemed to be always missing from the wine list in the Custom House.. Thinking of you while passing The Mews in the cold dark windy (and hungry) evenings over New Year

  2. Very interesting Sue. Kables dish of the 1980’s looks like a still life. What does 6000 Australian $ come to in Euros? Was that a sea urchin table light I saw in one of the pics? thanks for that MX

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