Paris in November


In Paris in the 13th arrondisment, there is a showroom specialising in Citröen vintage cars, mostly the famoue DS.

The car that Alain Delon stole in the film “Le Samouraï”



IMG_0480IMG_0476The best way to see Paris, apart from walking, is to take the bus.If you get yourself a weekly ticket, even if not there for a week you will still save money,  you can jump on and off. You’ll see all sorts of different parts of Paris which haven’t changed over the years. Wonderful markets and speciality shops like the one above selling middle eastern goodies. You might even find a bargain! This shop was near the Place D’Aligre where there is a wonderful exotic market.The link will give you a guide to other Paris Markets.


You can of course find shopping centres that make you feel like you never left home, like this one at Beaugrenelle in the 15th arrondisement.

Here you could be in Dublin, London or Sydney.


There are artisanal bakeries and patisseries opening all over Paris.

The Parisians are searching for glutenfree products these days.

One Bakery has it’s own rice flour mill and sells to such prestigious restaurants as Alain Ducasse Plaza Athénée.In this link there is a very interesting little film about Ducasse and his suppliers.

Chambelland Boulangerie, 14 rue Ternaux,11th Paris.

The link to Chambelland Boulangerie is to a blog by David Lebovitz, an American chef living in Paris, very informative.

These cakes and tarts are not gluten free!!!!!!

These cakes and tarts were from Le Bon Marche, the most beautiful, in my opinion, department store in Paris.


IMG_0497IMG_0502IMG_0506This was a very glamorous Patisserie, in the 5th near the Pantheon.IMG_0596


IMG_0567 IMG_0581 IMG_0586Some last shots of Paris

Bye For Now.

4 thoughts on “Paris in November

  1. lovely shots, looks like a fun trip! even better than the bus is the vélib – the free bikes even have a basket do carry your market shopping home. I loved them especially at night when there’s less traffic

  2. Can never get enough of Parisian photos and like your selection. I always get sprung by the Manager at Bon Marche when trying to take food photos, he waves his finger at me to stop taking photos!

    1. I don’t understand that either! The day I was in there, lots of Chinese visitors were snapping away, that’s why I was brave enough to take pictures. Normally “Strictement Interdit”

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