Venice in November.

IMG_0724SAM_4487IMG_1011IMG_0655IMG_0797IMG_0673While in Venice we took advantage of the passes you can buy for visiting Churches and Museums.  One of the museums was the Ca’ Rezzonico, a Palazzo on the grand canal that is now the city’s museum of 18th century art.

They have a wonderful collection of paintings by Pietro Longhi who was a Venetian painter of contemporary scenes of life. Scenes of hunting, gambling and visits by hairdressers. One I particularly liked “Early morning chocolate”

IMG_0878In this painting ,the lady takes her coffee in bed, while two visitors look on.Lying on the edge of the bed there looks like some biscuits or perhaps bread rolls. I would like to think that they are the famous Venetian butter biscuits, called Bussolai Buranei, which come from the tiny island of Burano, in the lagoon of Venice. Burano is famous for it’s lace and highly coloured houses.

IMG_0903IMG_0890Another Longhi painting shows an old woman with a basket of these biscuits.

Here is the recipe for these butter biscuits , which can be dipped in sweet wine or in your early morning chocolate.

Venetian Butter Biscuits.


IMG_1093IMG_0884This painting by Longhi shows  the cooking of polenta. Which when set and grilled a little till crisp is delicious with Caponata. The recipe in my last blog.

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