Bilbao, Pinxtos and Museums


PICT1285Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

The famous Frank Gehry building which began the transformation of Bilbao from a heavily industrialized town to a pleasant and lively contemporary city.

 The other museum in Bilbao is the Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao.

It boasts the best collestion in Spain outside of Madrid.The collection includes, Roman, Mediaeval and Renaissance as well as a vast collection of Basque work. The contemporary section is well represented also. The Museum is an approachable alternative to the permanent collection in the Guggenheim, consisting mostly of Conceptualism and Minimalism. The building however is worth the visit. And the vast Richard Serra Labyrinth is a must.

Some sightseeing pictures.



Calle Colon de Larréategui, Bilbao

Established 1903, one of Bilbao’s most famous Bars. The interior is colourful with Andalucian Tiles, surprising in the Basque Country.


SAM_4087La Vina del Ensanche

Calle Diputacion 10, Bilbao

Serving Pintxos for 80 years. Busy,busy, busy. The movement behind the bar is a ballet, a joy to watch.



SAM_4074El Globo

Calle Diputacion 8, Bilbao.

Cool Bar, but not too much, Seniors, Mothers with Kids as well as the others. Very Busy.

Every Bar is busy, it’s amazing.The city is so lively. Meanwhile across the border in France everyone’s asleep!SAM_4068

SAM_4066SAM_4065SAM_4110Pintxos are the Basque country’s form of Tapas.


Here is my version of a famous Pintxos, Bacalao with piquillos.


4 thoughts on “Bilbao, Pinxtos and Museums

  1. Lively looking bars+cafes.makes me want to go there..sums up the night-time diff between france+spain allright-across the border everyone asleep!!

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