Sicily, starting with Palermo.

palermoPalermopalermoPalermo the Capital of Sicily, is an anarchic city full of energy.Because of it’s proximity to North Africa, it feels Magrebian, in it’s markets and back streets.Its markets are a must. Palermo is without doubt one of the richest destinations in Europe, rich and diverse in history, romance, flavours, smells and sounds. Sicily itself is an island of so many cultures, histories and peoples. Book now, go there!!!!!

fritto misto

We ate in a very good Trattoria in Palermo, called Piccolo Napoli. Very simple fresh food, where a table is kept in the corner for friends or family who drop in for a meal, or a quick bite.You would see this everywhere in Palermo, people sitting together in cafes on street corners, on scooters, talking, playing cards and always present, food.  Many at the “drop in” table had this dish .

Fritto misto di mare

Mixed fried fish and seafood

Every region has its own selection of mixed fish. This one was prawns, tiny squid and  octopus and some other small fish, like whitebait.

Serves 4

1kg fish and seafood  as in the above selection. Salt ,Flour, olive oil for frying, 2 lemons cut into wedges.

Buy your fish prepared at the fishmonger, cleaned gutted, but leave the heads on.Have the squid cleaned and cut into rings. Take the heads off the prawns but don’t peel them.Wash, drain and dry everthing on paper towel. Season with salt and roll everything in flour, except the prawns.

Use a large frying pan with high sides so that the fish is not crowded and the oil doesn’t boil over. Do the larger fish first in very hot oil, then lower the heat to allow them to cook through without burning.Lift out the fish and drain on paper towels and keep warm while frying the small fish, squid etc.These are done very quickly.

Serve very hot with wedges of lemon.

Palermo Palermo Palermo

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