harbour bridgeBoomerang House


6 weeks in Sydney in February and March. Quite a lot of cultural events.

Art Month for example with galleries all over Sydney open for artist discussions, parties and just getting people more focused on Contemporary Art in Sydney.

after afghanistanBen Quilty was the official Australian War Artist in Afghanistan, and this exhibition is his interpretation of that experience. The Exhibition was at the Gallery at the National Art School in East Sydney.

Ben QuigleyBen Quigley

ben quilty

ben quigley                                             Carriageworks

Carriageworks is one of Australia’s keading multi-arts institutions.The Eveleigh Street Rail Yards were built between 1880 and 1889. For the construction of train carriages. The site was closed in 1988. Purchased by the N.S.W. Arts Ministry in 2002. The Carriageworks officially opened in 2007.

carriageworksChinese exhibition

waste not exhibitionMarket at the carriage workswaste not

One of the most Dynamic Galleries in Sydney is The White Rabbit Gallery. Focusing on Contemporary Chinese Art

white rabbitwhite rabbitwhite rabbitEveleigh Street Markets

eveleigh street markets eveleigh eveleigh street

While visiting the Carriageworks, you can also visit The Markets there. With food stalls and Growers , selling fresh produce, wines, cheeses and breads of all kinds.

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