More of Paris

Quai du branley Musee200 works from the Papunya settlement, west of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. From the early 1970’s, these paintings and objects have never been seen in Europe before.

The exhibition is at Musée du Quai Branly

Also on at present in Paris is a wonderful photography exhibition, at

Musée de Jeu de Paume

Manuel Alvarez Bravo


1902 2002

His minimalist images, of simple elements, symbols of a new modern order are relevant even today, yet photographed as early as 1929.Other photographers with a similiar approach are, Tina Modotti, an Italian working in Mexico, and Edward Weston. Both contemporaries of Alvarez Bravo.

Paris is a great city for Photography. There is even a Month of Photography in November. All over Paris, in museums, cultural centres and galleries there are exhibitions featuring both innovative new works and great documentors and heroes of photography.

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